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ENERCRET is the inventor and European leader of thermo-active foundations with over 600 operation references.
ECOME is their technical and exclusive trading partner in France.

L’ADEME is a major stakeholder in new and sustainable energies development in France. It supported, through its financial cooperation, some of our operations.

The CFI supported us for a geothermal / solar connection project, in the goal of developing Energy Plus buildings.

The Conseil Régional d’Ile-de-France is, as well as the CFI, one of the 2 organisations that awarded the « Charmes de l’Innovation Responsable » to us, a prize that recognizes the innovative process of a company.

L’Agence Nationale pour la Recherche (Research National Agency) supports a research project on efficient energy systems initiated by ECOME.

L’Institut Français des Sciences et Technologies des Transports (the French Institute for Science and Technology for Transportation, Construction and Networks), is a partner of one of our research project.

Le Laboratoire Environnement, Géomécanique et Ouvrages (Environmental, geomechanical and Building Laboratory) is a partner of one of our research project.

Le Laboratoire de l’Ecole Polytechnique de Lille (the Polytechnical School Laboratory) is a partner of one of our research project.

  ECOME est membre de l’AMORCE, qui fédère les maîtres d’Ouvrages exploitant des réseaux de chaleur.
ECOME is a member of AMORCE, that groups and federates the heat distribution network companies.

ECOME expertises are certified by the OPQIBI.

The OPQIBI is an organisation that certifies the performance of the engineering companies. ECOME has 7 OPQIBI qualifications upon its various expertises

ECOME is a member of the SYNTEC, the engineering firms professional trade union.


We finally collaborate with the city of Dunkerque through the setting up of geothermal test site and the achievement of an « Eco-area » intended to present and explain what renewable energies are to a large public audience.


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