Conception and design

ECOME assists you in your construction and renovation projects. Our company is specialized in efficient energy solutions and the implementation of renewable energies.
We develop a strong know-how on the following specializations:
• Heating, ventilation, air conditioning,
• Geo cooling, Free cooling,
• Renewable energies (low and very low energy geothermal solutions (lien vers onglet Projets Géothermie),, thermal solar, photovoltaic solar, biomass, cogeneration),
• Plumbing, sanitation,
• Smoke extraction,
• Light and electricity

Our services are intended for both private and public projects:
• Social housing
• Tertiary and industrial buildings
• Commercial buildings
• Public and private facilities
• Community facilities (schools, gym, …)
• Collective heaters with or without heat distribution network (lien vers onglet RCU)

Our experts are permanently in a process of technological monitoring what allows us to offer innovative and efficient solutions and equipment for you to reach your energy performance targets. During this process we always make sure our solutions match the most up to date regulation.
Design phases are systematically based on the detailed technical studies of the building specificities and their optimization but never forgetting the comfort of the final users:
• thermal and dynamical simulations,
• Renewable energies production plants design,
• Artificial lighting studies,
• Natural lighting studies,
• Solar masks,
• Acoustic studies

Our expertise in the technical, regulatory as well as economical field allows us to help you succeed in your projects in a very coherent way, from the design phase to the delivery and the operation follow-up (lien vers onglet Mesure et Analyse).

During specific missions or in association with other contractors (economists, architects …) we are able to bring a complete solution to your needs through the management of all the parties involved in the project (customer, contractors, etc…)

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