Energetic excellence


“Energetic excellence” for ECOME is:

  • low energy consumption through reduced needs and optimized, highly-efficient energetic systems,
  • Design of simple, robust and easy to maintain solutions,
  • Reduction of our carbon footprint through implementation of renewable energies,
  • Full Project Management ability through a global approach involving technical design, financial engineering, juridical analysis, environmental and social screening,
  • A common taste for excellence, which brings a strong drive to projects through a rigorous organisation, a careful follow-up of projects, and a will to get up to best.
  • Our continuous involvement to meet or exceed you expectations,
  • The pleasure of sharing successful projects with you.

The ECOME team is composed of experts in their field. The synergy provided by the combination of strong complementary expertises, and the unique way of sharing point of views makes it possible to catch the big picture and bring a specific customized solution.

Our clients value our reactivity and our implication at their side, so as to bring a fitted solution to their specific project and objectives.

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