Sustainable construction

As a direct consequence of global warming, reducing our greenhouses gas emissions has become a strategic goal. Construction regulations have rapidly and globally developed to fulfill the new environmental expectations.

These new regulations are as many opportunities for our customers to integrate in their construction projects their will to fit with this sustainable approach.

To assist you in the completion of your ambitions, we bring you the solutions to define your projects from the feasibility studies to the follow-up of the design process and construction.

Our services are structured around four main axes that we can adapt and adjust to your needs and goals :

  • Renewable energies and heat distribution network feasibility studies
  • Environmental certification (LEED, BREEAM, HQE, …)
  • Energy labels
  • Performance strategies

Renewable energies and heat distribution network feasibility studies :

Obtaining a synergy from different renewable sources of energy through a heat distribution network is a major concern in a construction project and his long-term success for both financial and environmental scopes.

Crucial in the decision-making process, the study will make you able to ascertain the most efficient renewable energy (low and very low geothermal energy (lien vers onglet Projets Géothermie),solar, biomass, cogeneration) – you will choose the best energy potential for your project.

Furthermore we focus on the implementation feasibility to understand the technical and financial confines and insure that they match your project and budget.

Environmental Certification

The sustainable development issues have to be taken into account from the very beginning of a project. ECOME expertise of the major environmental certifications (LEED, BREEAM, HQE)allows us to work with the most focused certification to your project.



ECOME process is base on a strong partnership and constructive dialogue with you and all the contractors. We will assist and aware them along the whole project process.

Energy Labels

ECOME is able to define the strategic axes and technical and financial means to implement for your project to meet the energy label that you require (Passive Building, Energy Plus Building)

Performance strategies

From the scale of a building up to the scale of a territory ECOME supports you to define your policy and global energy and environmental strategy (Energy Plus territory, smart grid, smart energy).

The energy and sustainable development diagnostic can be expanded to your different assets through a service of energy recommendation. We finally offer a continuous improvement process for your municipality and the ISO 50001 qualification of your company.

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